I am very visual. I photograph everywhere I go with pattern and color as my filter through which I see my environment. 

My mother was an artist and dragged my siblings and me up and down Manhattan to all the art museums and important works of architecture. I grew up on Chicago and New York fare but have traveled all my life including a stint in the United States Peace Corps in Africa. I became an architect to express my individual sense of design. 

I have sewn since I was young learning in 6th and 7th grade home economics class. My mother hated to sew. If a button fell off and the garment went in the sewing pile, it was never to be seen again. When my daughters started to dance seriously I learned to make ballet tutus. When one daughter joined a company and the other went on to other interests I decided I enjoyed the design opportunity that comes from conceiving and then constructing fine clothing. I bring my sense of design - simple clean lines, utilization of pattern and color for enrichment and sustainability to my clothing design. I work to source the highest quality materials with an eye towards being environmentally conscious including certified organic fabrics and as well as upcycled materials.  


Melanie and Me is a collection of easy to wear clothing and accessories that are meant to be fun.  

Let us hear from you with your thoughts and comments and if you would like to be notified about my upcoming markets and new item announcements.